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So I finally got a new computer + editing software which means there will be lots of random photos. Photos that I haven’t even touched for a couple months because I wasn’t able to edit them. :)

Thai style turkey lettuce wraps. It was yummy.

Texted Nicole at 10am and asked if she was up for an adventure. First had brekkie at Snow City and then headed off to Girdwood for an adventure.

Last weekend at Aly for Slush Cup.


My first hand a night shooting. Not too shabby considering I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, haha. Also unedited due to my photoshop not working.

Up in the club like…

Thai style turkey wraps.

Sunday ritual.

I miss being a night owl. The night is just so calm that it gives room for my thoughts and creativity roam free. Working two jobs Monday thru Friday 8am - 9pm has really taken a toll on me. It’s actually something that I’m good at, but I just don’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life. I see myself doing something creative. Creating things with my own hands. Inspiration seems to peak after midnight but only goes to waste when I’m tossing and turning in bed for a 6am wake up call.

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